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Star SP700 (SP712MD) serielle Schnittstelle und Abrisskante

Star SP700 (SP712MD) serielle Schnittstelle und Abrisskante
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Produkte der Serie SP700

SP712 - Abrisskante / schwarz rot Druck
SP712R - Abrisskante / schwarz rot Druck / Aufwickler
SP742 - Autocutter / schwarz rot Druck
SP742R - Autocutter / schwarz rot Druck / Aufwickler

  • All available in Star White or Charcoal Grey with Serial, Parallel, USB (WHQL certified) or no interface

    • High speed, 9-pin high quality printer capable of producing 13 x 20 line
      receipts per minute (4.7 – 8.9 lps).
    • Clamshell™ design - “Drop-In & Print”, easy paper loading. Literally drop a roll of paper into the printer, close the lid and the paper is loaded!
    • Two color output for emphasis purposes
    • New splash resistant design with easy-clean curves for robust
      kitchen / bar use.
    • User friendly features such as easy access for ribbon changing, cover open sensors and a paper viewing window.
    • Compact footprint in either horizontal or vertical mode
    • Internal power supply with universal cable, included at purchase.
    • New longer life ribbon design featuring a 3 million character black ribbon and a longer life red / black version.
    • Featuring well-known Star reliability and support with an MCBF of
      22 million lines
    • Easy Installation with Star Installation Wizard and incorporating FuturePRNT™ software features fo simple graphics and coupon management.
    • Options - Buzzer, wall mount / vertical use kit

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